Nicest person you will ever meet in disguise: twisted psychopath

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Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound
Author:  lystrandra
Total views:  8,755,473
Final chapter views:  139,441
Stars:  277,421


I’m not a nerd by the way. I only look like one. I am under disguise as a nerd.

Google “Blood Bound the hedgehog” to discover my true identity.

I wouldn’t be acting so weak and timid just for any reason.

This is not my true self. This is not happening to me. I am so much better than all of these people.

These guys are lucky I’m laying low or else they’d be crying back to their mommas.

Their mommas couldn’t handle my bad side.

I seriously hate school sometimes.

Worst. School. Ever.

Do you know what I hate more?


When some guy comes and ruins my disguise?

Wait, are you asking me or telling me?

Then, throw in some Family drama and people after my life.

You’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Goodbye Nerd Disguise, hello old identity,old life, old friends, and new enemies.

Oooooooo ooo ooooo oooh
Did you see the frightened ones
Did you hear the falling bombs
The flames are all long gone
But the pain lingers on
Goodbye Nerd Disguise
Goodbye Nerd Disguise



[Chapter 1] Nerd

“Watch it nerd,” he grunts as he runs into me, knocking my books out of my arms. I don’t dare make eye contact with him, mostly because he’ll see that I don’t have an ounce of fear in my eyes.

And then the jig would be up because as everyone knows, insensitivity to social cues and hierarchies is proof of pure awesome.

“Sorry, sorry,” I squeak in terror, gathering my books and rushing to my class. I hear the laughter of the guy and his friends, probably making fun of the scared little girl who ran away from them.

She could deshtroy them all wish her shweet ninjitshu skillsh, she just doeshn’t feel like it.

I clutch onto my golden pendant of my phoenix medallion tightly in anger. I didn’t want to play the timid, little nerd act. And that’s what it was, an act.

The other students clearly only mess with her because of her ‘scared little nerd’ act. They don’t realize how much better she knows she is than all of them.

I did it because it was the only way to lay low and not be discovered. No, I’m not a hidden celebrity or FBI agent. It’s a little bit more complex than that.

Oh, please don’t change the subject now!

I arrive in my class, the first one there like always, and head straight to the very back of the class. As a nerd, I should sit in the front like a good nerd is supposed to, but that’s where I draw the line.

I hate school with a passion.

There’s no way I’m going to sit in the front row to learn about stupid lessons. I’m not going to bother raising my hand for every question the teacher asks. That’s just annoying and a waste of time and energy.

She’s too good to put any effort into her disguise. That’s how we know she’s really in serious danger, hiding from a legitimate threat. The stakes are too high. I can’t take the suspense. I need a drink.

I already know almost everything about my courses. I studied the entire textbooks in the beginning of the year. Some I didn’t even need to read or study because I already learned it already. And the school administration claim these are special ‘advanced college-leveled’ courses. I expected more.

She already learned it already.

I pretend to scribble notes in class when really I’m observing everyone in the classroom. Sometimes, I doodle like a normal student. I’ve pretty much categorized every single person in this school, which was pretty tough considering how protected the files are.

Categories include: Lame, Stupid, Ugly, Bad Hair, Not As Smart As Me, Not As Pretty As Me, Not As Cool As The Real Me, Nowhere Near As Humble As Me, Would Never Kiss, Would Never Hang Out With, Would Never Speak To.

I’m in an elite, private high school of only 1,088 students. It’s a school where important people enroll their kids in and ship them off for the year. I guess you could call this a boarding school or something? Don’t even get me started on the name, it’s named Elite Prep, or maybe it’s Elite Academy. I’m sure there is an acronym in there, but I don’t really care to remember.

I guess this is a boarding school? I can’t really be assed to remember whether I sleep in a dormitory. I’m too smart to bother remembering things.

$10 says this insufferable little egomaniac won’t grow a soul by the end of the story, because the author has no idea how insufferable she is.

Chapter 40: EPILOGUE ❤

A/N Last chapter: I cry. My baby has grown up DX. Picture above to what I picked as the wedding dress and hair. However, I don’t quite like the flowers in the hair, so I guess everyone just use your creative imaginations!!

It’s not as if applying creative imagination is your job as a writer or anything.


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