Wattbad, the global echochamber company for cliche stories, transforms how the world discovers, creates, and engages with bad writing. Since 2017, it has offered a completely hiveminded experience where people everywhere can demand personalized content by dogpiling, shaming, and heckling writers.

Today, Wattbad connects a nepotistic hierarchy of over 2983715908274098702 people around the world through serialized stories about the things they hope will make them popular. As home to about three fresh voices and seven hundred gazillion fans who share unchallenging, awkwardly phrased stories based on online trends and self promotion, Wattbad has stale pop culture insights in virtually every oversaturated market around the world.

Wattbad Studios uses your work to line its own pockets in film, television, digital, and print, radically transforming the way the entertainment industry appeals to the lowest common denominator. Wattbad Brand Solutions offers new and integrated ways for brands to suck every last penny from the pockes of undiscerning consumers. The company is proudly based in the swollen lymph node of Canada.

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