What women want

“Women don’t even like harmless men. They hate them! They like to claw them apart! What women want are dangerous men who are civilized, and they want to help civilize them. That’s Beauty and the Beast.

“I’ll tell you a funny story (and only engineers could have come up with this because they’re the only ones that have the unparalleled blindness to social convention that would allow them to discover it) so the google engineers (I like engineers by the way, because they’re very straightforward), the google engineers wrote a book a while back called A Billion Wicked Thoughts which is a study of Internet searches, billions of them, literally. They were looking at a lot of pornography use. There’s lots known about male pornography use and it’s easy to understand, I mean, males are pretty visually oriented and what attracts them to pornography is fairly straightforward. You can tell that if you look at graffiti in a men’s washroom, y’know, it’s like, two circles and a triangle and the men are absolutely transfixed by it.

“For women the story is more complex. They use pornography too, but it tends to be literary because women tend to like words more than they like visual stimuli. So the google guys tried to track down the archetypal structure (though they didn’t use those words) of female pornography use. How many of you know what a Harlequin romance is? Okay good, so those are archetypal stories. That’s the taming of the wild man, essentially, by the desirable and virginal woman. If you think women don’t want that then you’d better bloody well come up with an explanation for Fifty Shades of Grey, which is the most rapid selling novel in human history, and it emerged at exactly the same time that all of this noise about the absence of gender roles is being produced en masse. It’s the perfect female fantasy. It’s exactly archetypically correct, it’s Beauty and the Beast.

“What the google guys showed was the structure of Beauty and the Beast (though they didn’t use that as a referent), that the female pornographic fantasy was: wild guy, somewhat careless about the wants and desires of others, attractive to everyone (therefore high status), tamed by the magic of a single woman and brought into a relationship with her.

“But here’s the comical part. This just made me laugh, man. What were the five categories of most desirable male entity used most broadly in female pornography? It’s so embarassing. Women you have to cover your heads while I say this.

“Vampire, werewolf, billionaire, surgeon, and pirate.”

— Jordan Peterson at theĀ  Ottawa Public Library, March 11 2017. (source)